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Terms and conditions

Location map of Holiday cottages in Wales have not inspected the cottages that are listed on its website and are acting as an advertising medium for Welsh cottage owners.

Which Cottage Group and rely entirely on information submitted to them by the Welsh holiday cottage owners and publish it in good faith. All the information published on this site is reviewed and approved by the cottage owner prior to publishing. In the unlikely event that you find there has been an inaccurate description of a holiday cottage then please contact Which Cottage and we will immediately amend it.

The Publisher (, part of the Which Cottage Group) disclaims all liability for the accuracy of the information contained herein and will not be responsible for any damage or loss that may be sustained directly or indirectly by any person, individual, company or organisation as a result of their reliance in whole or in part on any information contained in this web site.

We recommend that people who book self-catering accommodation should take out cancellation insurance, to cover unforseen events. Which Cottage also lists holiday cottages in England, Ireland and Scotland - if you want a quality UK holiday cottage then use Which Cottage and book direct with the UK cottage owner with confidence.

Privacy policy (Wales Holiday Cottages) will respect your privacy at all times. As a user of the Which Cottage sites you can opt into the mailing lists if you wish to - if you do then you will receive special promotions and discount special offers on holiday cottages in Wales. If you chose not to join our mailing list then you will never hear from us again!

To enquire about a Welsh holiday cottage listed on our site then you will have to fill in our form to book direct with the cottage owner. You will have to provide your email address but this information will only be used for your enquiry and will remain private within the Which Cottage group. Yours details will never be sold on or passed on to any other individual or organisation outwith the Which Cottage site. We respect your privacy totally and always act within the Data Protection Act at all times. You can use our site with total confidence.

Terms for advertisers is a web publisher which charges an annual fee to you, the Advertiser for the displaying of your advert for Welsh self-catering holiday accommodation. We, the Publisher (Which Cottage Group and, consent to publish your entry on the site for the period agreed with you.

The Publisher is acting merely as an advertising medium not as an agent. Enquiries will be sent directly to you by email and the subsequent transaction is between you and the enquirer. The Publisher will not take any commission charges from any rental that you receive through the website. The Publisher is not liable for any problems that come about as a result of the booking and is not responsible for any for any matters concerning bookings, rental fees or subsequent occupation of the property by tenants.

The Publisher is not liable for any problems occurring as a result of actions by the enquirer or advertiser, including cancellation, accident, damage, injury, loss, or disruption happening to person or property that may originate from the tenancy of the accommodation. As the advertiser, you take full responsiblility for the booking transaction and any issues around the tenancy.

The Publisher requires you to provide truthful information about your property and its surroundings. You are supplied with the entry to check and approve before it is published. Please check carefully that the entry is an accurate and honest description of the property and that it is not misrepresenting your property in any way. Once you have approved the entry, the Publisher is not liable for incorrect information. Changes that you subsequently wish to make will be charged for. As edits are expensive and take time, The Publisher will charge 25 poundsfor each individual change. However, the Publisher will take into account unforeseen circumstances where you might need to change your entry and if found to be reasonable, will not charge. There is also a fee of 25 pounds for changing pictures. Again, a reasonable requirement to make a change will be taken into account. Or you may have told us in advance that you wish to change your photos to a superior set - on a sunny day for example - in this case that arrangement would stand and there would be no charge for that change.

The Publisher supplies the means for you to update the availability calendar on each entry. As advertiser, it is your responsibility to update this when you recieve bookings. When calendars are up to date, more enquirers are likely to contact you. Rental prices can also be changed through the website. In this area, you are also free to insert offers, discounts and short break information.

No links in HTML or text to other websites, including your own, are permitted by the Publisher. Links or mentions of a website will mean that your entry will immediately be taken off the site and there will be no refund of any fees paid. The publication of telephone numbers in entries is also prohibited as these make the origin of the enquiry impossible.

It is the responsibility of the Publisher to make the website available for as much of the time as possible. Occasional and limited downtime will sometimes occur, and not the responsibility of the Publisher.

The Publisher will display other advertising on the website which will be of their choosing. The Publisher can change the format and display of the site at any time.

You, the advertiser, are allowed to advertise your property by any other means and through any other advertiser on the internet or other media. You are allowed to use the services of an agent.

There are a number of popular scams that affect property websites and advertisers should be aware of them. One current scam is an enquirer (sometimes writing in strange English) that offers to rent your cottage for a considerable period of time, offering to pay above the market rates for it.

Remember, if you are at all suspicious, do not respond to the enquiry - these scams target all websites and can't be avoided - we reccommend that our advertisers be alert.

Terms for six month free trial

You have been offered a 6 month free trial on this Which Cottage site advertising quality Welsh holiday cottages. If at the end of the free trial (or at any time prior to the end) you no longer want your property advertised on this site then just let us know and we will remove it. By signing up for the free trial you are under no obligation whatsoever to continue to advertise on Which Cottage. Enquirers will contact you directly and you will handle all contact with them and they make the booking direct with you. Which Cottage takes no commission - if you want to continue on the site after the free trial then there will be an annual fee - but no commission will ever be charged. You are of course free to advertise anywhere else you want to and are under no contractual obligation to Which Cottage by placing your advertisement on this site.

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